Helpdesk Contact information 

Galileo Helpdesk:


Denmark:     82 332 870
Finland:        09-81 71 03 36
Norway:        23 500 147
Sweden:       08-51 99 24 68

Worldspan Helpdesk: 


Denmark: 80 404 941
Finland: 09-81 71 02 44
Norway: 23 500 142
Sweden: 08-51 99 23 47

Always make sure you check Ask Travelport for your “how to” questions prior to calling the Helpdesk.
Calls to Helpdesk for which answers can be found in Ask Travelport will be charged to your travel agency.
If you cannot find the answer you can ask questions directly in Ask Travelport, under the tab “Ask a Question”.

If your Galileo password is locked and you need to reset it, please log on to the Customer Portal and click on Links, where you click on the “Galileo Pswd reset” link and then follow the instructions. All password resets via the Helpdesk are charged to your travel agency.

If your Worldspan password is locked you need to click on the “Lost Password” link and follow the instructions.